Dr. Aleksandr Martirosov, DO

Our Osteopathic physician,Dr. Alex, is our workplace guru and one of the few people to find an answer to the question of “Why does this hurt?” The doctor’s main goal is to figure out the underlying cause of you health issue and work on curing it. Yet Dr. Alex brings something extra to his practice. He uses a “whole person” approach to medicine. Instead of just treating your symptoms, he regards your body as an integrated whole. The focus shifts away from prescription pads and onto the true discovery of what is throwing your body off balance. He combines a variety of techniques including traditional medicine, manipulative treatments with his hands, a holistic perspective, diet, nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

• Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)

• Board Certified in Family Medicine

• Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine

• Board Certified in Holistic Medicine

• Member of the american osteopathic association

• Member of the american college of family physicians

• member of the american academy for anti-aging medicine

• Member of the american society of addiction medicine

• Graduate of New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM)